Teacher Resources 

This assignment was produced for students of EDN113 to create a authentic learning task, and obtain several different out sourced resources which would best assist with the authentic task. It was made so we could produce our work on a wiki space page and have pages for, introduction, authentic learning task, teacher resources, student resources aswell as a reference page. Myself, Kellie and Chantelle worked very hard as a collaborative group to produce our pages which are titled Space Girls. We chose to call ourselves Space Girls as our authentic task is based around the solar system and its 8 planets. Below is the hyper link to our wiki space pages labelled Space Girls.


Space Girls Wiki Space

Researcher Resources

This document contains five different researcher resources which would help assist teachers in teaching technology to student within their classroom setting. I have one of each of the following, website, book, jounal article, referred reference paper and a movie which was sourced from YouTube. I chose to base my assignment on technology and how it can be taught in a classroom along with assisting teachers with learning it and the helpfulness it has to make a classroom function all that more. Technology has become a very commonly used resource in classrooms today and will continue to thrive into the future. It is future teachers such as myself who will learn the necessary tools required to teach the importance on learning and using technology.

See pdf file below for attached assignment.  


Researcher Resources - assignment 2.pdf Researcher Resources - assignment 2.pdf
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Type : pdf


I chose facebook as my social resource site as it is a wonderful way in which you can meet new people and reconnect with old friends. It has a great range of applications in which will assist you in the development of events, social groups, messages and a whole lot more.

I decided to create and event using facebook, facebook assisted me with creating a birthday party where it could notify my guests of where when and who the party is for and also giving them the opportunity to write and add their own comments and thoughts to the event page. Face book events are like the new way of making paper invites, not only is it saving the environment from using lack of to no paper but it is also more affordable, in fact it’s free! No costly paper or decorations for the invite presentation or the cost that comes with paper invites when you need to send them out. It is also very time saving, quick and easy in only a few short steps

If you don’t have facebook that is fine I have created a few simple instructions to show a new facebook user how to sing up and start making their own exciting event.

See PDF file below for step by step instructions on how the acces facebook, sign up to face book and use the applications on face book, in this case how to create your own facebook event.

Enjoy exploring and creating. 

Facebook link to Facebook

Facebook networking site.pdf Facebook networking site.pdf
Size : 619.774 Kb
Type : pdf

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