Oh wow! What a week!

Learning so much about technology can be a little overwhelming, but somewhat exciting. I have learnt so much in the past week with the assignment 1 task B. I chose facebook as my social networking site, I found it easier to literally start from scratch and create a new facebook account in my name to be able to capture all the screen captures needed for the assignment. And ensure I had all the correct and relevent steps involved in the process of making and account.

I learnt how to use Jing which is a wonderful little device, so glad we were shown this in class a very helpful tool thats for sure. Oh I forgot to mention I had to download Jing...... I have never downloaded anything on my computer I always leave that up to my partner to do, but I did it, me! I was very proud of my personal achievement and I think in future I will be confident enough to do those things myself.

I even learnt how to save my word document file as a PDF file, who would have thought it was going to be that easy. I was definately surprised as to how east it was. I have found this process a little difficult at times but also very rewarding, when you actually get it and understand it so you can do it again, really does give me the satisfaction I needed.

Loving this experience and cant wait to learn more.