Peer review, it was a scary process. I was struggeling to get my assignment up on my website by the 20th of march for review..... but it was ok I got it up there shortly after. :)
It's strange having someone other than a teacher to review my work, it made me feel as if someone else could judge me and the quality of my work against their own. It was a strange process but I think it was also very rewarding having had feedback from a peer who is also going through the same unit as I. It really helped and I found their feed back great and modified my site and checked for spelling mistakes.
It was hard to do my peer review however because I found the person who's site I was reviewing wasn't aware that their assignment was ment to be uploaded by the 20th so their peer who was reviewing their site could have time to do the review before the 26th of march...
I found myself stressing at the fact I couldn't do my review, even after contacting my tutor and the peer who's site I was ment to review. All I could think is iIl have so much due, i'm on work placement and I have an operation on Friday.... Heck how am I ment to get all this done. Stressful but I managed.

I'll explain how soon X