Yay..... :)

I have finished my review! Such a great relief and feeling knowing I have finished my review and my assignment. Now just to send in my cover sheet and wait for my results! Hopefully I have done as well as I think I have.

I sorted out my peer review, which was stressful but with a few emails back and fourth over several days I had something to review finally. My peer didn't uploaded her assignment until yesturday being the 28th of March, so I'm hoping that I don't get Less marks as my peer review wasn't handed in on the 26th of March. I have discussed this with my tutor so I'm sure all is well.

Just about to send in my cover sheet. Scary thought, but excited to get my results back. Well everyone have a great week at uni unfortunately I have an operating in the morning so I could be out for up to two weeks, I'll try do my best to get on and blog during this time. 

Untill next time :)