So it's the time I submit my online cover sheet, I hope myself and my team have worked hard enough to complete the required content of our group assignment. We have found ourselfs hitting a complication with trying to upload our video to our wiki space home page, we tried to just directly upload it however it says it's to big. We even tried to upload it to YouTube so we could hyper link it to our page and that didn't work either..... we are getting worried! we spoke to an I.T friend and he said to try change the video using a website, however that could just be a little to advanced for my expertise. So Kellie is talking to Jenni to try correct the issue. Our video is great but so I hope we can put it to our page so we can have the completed product.

I really hope we have got everything done. It has been a fun process and has also been great getting to know new people on a personal basis. :)

Untill next time. Peace people. x